Capo founder of the Lord Of The Decks/Mics series, writer, and innovator has picked up his pen and decided to share his views with us. What a place to start but Stormzy’s iconic debut album

Stormzy has been consistently doing stuff for a little while now, releasing a number of mixtapes which have all made their mark. Hearing that he was releasing an album had me slightly confused for a sec, because of his EP/freestyle repertoire he’s had me feeling like I’ve already heard a couple of his albums already. 

Gang signs and prayer is a nicely balanced album, a debut that doesn’t feel like one. It almost feels too mature. This is just credit to Stormzy, he’s grown as an artist. Not only that, part of Stormzy’s charm is the fact that he’s comfortable in his own skin and it’s reflected nicely on the album. We know with the first single ‘Big for your boots’ and previous bangers like ‘Shut up’ and ‘Not that deep’ that Stormzy can hold it up wit the hype tracks but an album needs more. The interlude with Wretch 32 is one of my favourite tracks, 21 Gun Salute. Kinda wish the track was longer. Yet the poignant message still shines through. Same for tracks like Don’t cry for me, Lay me bare and 100 bags, all well penned verses. It’s so nice to hear a young voice telling the youts to “invest in life”. Shits refreshing!!!

On saying that my tune of the album is Mr Skengūü§£ What can I say shit does something to me differently. That’s the track man need to hear live.

Life’s an oxymoron and Stormzy beautifully portrays this with a very polished and I’d go as far as to say iconic debut.



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