Dorris drops anticipated Mixtape ‘Redneck Behaviour’!

Make sure you check out Dorris and his highly anticipated Mixtape!

I was there when he clashed HAZMAN and it was a lot!

Support the scene and the artists by buying their music !


Manchester’s hottest new Grime artist Dorris has today released his new mixtape with an exclusive Limited 200 hard copies available via Grime brand ‘Grime 4 Life’. With his forthcoming clash on ‘Lord Of The Mics 6’ with ‘Hazman’ we are very keen to see what the artist has in store with ‘Redneck Behaviour’. Known for his aggressive style and outrageous, comedic lyrical content we think this might just be a refreshing change to the cliche of guns and money some MC’s insist on talking about. Dorris is definitely one to watch for 2014/15, Check out his Hype Session released earlier this week via LOTM below and click the link to buy the release.

Buy ‘Redneck Behaviour’ here:

Words by Laurence Heywood

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