Here’s a fab interview with one of my faves Big Deann of Mixclique all about branching out and working away quietly but successfully.



Big Deann is one of the prodigious new wave of producers working in grime over the last few years. He’s a key part of the Mixclique Records crew who brought us Lemzly Dale’s brilliant State of War EP earlier this year, along with releases from the likes of Trends, Spooky, Flava D and of course label head Neon Beats. Producing, college and helping to run Mixclique clearly not enough to fill his hours Big Deann’s now got a brand spanking new label, Blacklink Sound.

We’re pretty excited about it so we caught up with him to find out about making music, running a label and what music’s floating his boat right now.

N: How did you first get started making music?

BD: Hmm, well i think the its the same as most producers really. An obsession with a genre – Grime being my chosen niche. From the age of 14…

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