iPhone 6: Top features to excited about

Here’s a fantastic breakdown of the I6 !

I myself am coveting like I’ve never coveted an iPhone before tho I feel the i6+ is a bit too much for me, I’m not a fan of massive phones!

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iPhone 6: Top features to excited about

As Apple releases its must awaited new phone Apple has launched two phones iPhone 6 and iPhone6 Plus.  Apple has released two new iPhones Wow its incredible!!!!

They are apples biggest phones and incredibly thinner phones.


You can start preordering the iPhones on 12th Of September and they will ship it on September 19th to you. Quite fast it is.

And these both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus has everything which would make you fall in love with this iPhones. Both are better.

Here’s the features which you need to know about iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that how they gonna play important role in your life.

Design of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iphone6 and 6plus


It has exactly same as which you seen in leaked images so not a big surprise. Both models are constructed from an anodized aluminum chassis…

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