GrimePrincess How did you become part of RollDeep? Have you always been a DJ? How did you get started?
DJ Karnage, I always have been apart of roll deep since it was founded. I started playing jungle when I was 15, and I started on rinse in my last year of school playing jungle with MC Dream. Then Rinse parted ways and went from being jungle and garage to just garage, I then started a show as a garage DJ and then started a show with Flowdan, then Wiley joined us then Breeze, Scratchy, then Dizzee came through but this is before 2001. Wiley decided he wanted to form a crew and as I’ve known everyone from school, you could say I was in Roll Deep cause we all went to school together or just because I was a sick DJ. I got started DJing like most people in East London, in a youth club. rinse started again in 1998 and they were looking for DJS, I’d go to my local youth club in Bow, then my uncle and Geenus got Rinse up again and I got a show playing Drum n Bass and Jungle at like 7-9 on a Saturday. eventually I bought my own decks with my own money and my mums help, and from then on all my money just went on records, I used to go up west on a Saturday at Black Market Records, all my weeks money just used to go on records.

GP, You were a big part of the early Rinse FM, do you think we will ever see a rise in pirate radio like ten years ago again?? What would you say was your biggest set on Rinse?
K, Its hard to say due to the rise of internet radio and stations such as 1xtra and Capital Xtra and the internet and social networking such as you tube Facebook and Twitter, where as years ago there was no social media, only pirate radio to showcase your talents and a buzz would be created from the underground to overground, where as today you can make a beat on your laptop , vocal it, shoot a hood video, upload it to YouTube and make a twitter and Facebook account all in one day if you get what I mean ………… So it’s moved on from just pirate radio now I think.

GP, As a foundation member of the grime scene, how do you feel about Grime now and its perception by the media?
K, The media has always perceived grime scene in the past as a dark troublesome scene, but over the last 5 years I feel they have softened their view and are more encouraging to the urban scene in all types of music and embrace it much more.

GP, You’ve just been to Vienna with Flowdan, its not the most obvious grime venue, what was thecrowd like?? Whats the biggest crowd youve played too?
K, The crowd was great , they know there stuff in Vienna you would b surprised, it was more of a underground type event but crowd were great sing alongs all night……. And biggest crowd mite have been wireless festival , or one festival in hull 90,000 people.

GP, Do you prefer the days of vinyl decks to the modern serato??
K, I prefer vinyl because I’m old skool, I feel CDJ’s are slowly taking the art of DJing away, but the modern serato is good because I love tech, but for the art of DJing it’s got to be vinyl.

GP. Have you ever been bitten by the production bug?
K, hmmmmmm a lil but never followed through with projects which is a shame.

GP, Do you have any projects coming up?
K, Yeah I have with Flowdan and Solo and starting to look into putting on events, with a few other DJ’s, but that’s in the pipe line.   Find DJ Karnage on twitter as @KarnageRolldeep on Insta as @ DJKarnage


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