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Founded in 2014 by long term friends Michael Lloyd (Mute) and Terrance Greene (MindOfGrime Blog) DeadStockGrime is a multi functional company specializing in all things grime.

The main aspect of the company is the partnerships webstore over at which specializes in selling grime cds, vinyls and dvds old and new with the pairing offering repressing of older, hard to find cds.
As well this the we are turning our hands to other things such as our duplication service which already boasts artists such as Chronik and Villain as well as two forthcoming studio sets which will feature the whole SoBow camp and the following young MC’s set with both sets being filmed and expecting to land on a special DeadStockGrime DVD which will also feature interviews, freestyles and various performance footage

If that isn’t enough you can also expect us to release our own cd’s under our DeadStock monicker, with a forthcoming Grime compilation already well under way which should land physically in the summer.

We also offer professional artwork design for affordable rates, Big H – Wake Up EP, Crazy Titch – Crazy Times 2 and Merky Ace – Blue Battlefield and many more all being our work

We also offer a clothing range but that’s in the very early stages

Essentially we offer everything from Duplication to the store, our own releases on our own label and also offer repressing of the classic releases, we want to bring the classic sound back which is why were so keen to get to work on the sets, we feel this is a much missed part of the scene.

We have so many plans for the future but for now follow us on grime @OfMindOfGrime , @JustAMute and @DeadStockGrime
Visit the store for your grime classics and newer releases over at http://www.DeadStockGrime and stay locked because we have so much coming.
Contact us via email at

We’re available for interviews and work so feel free to get at us with any enquiries.


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