A special mix by Sir Pixalot!
Remember CONNEXT chapter 3 out now!


Sirpixalot – Mongrel
Flirta D – Interested (Grandmixxer Remix)
Trends – Blade Runner
J-Wing – Come Against I (Prod. Trends)
Sirpixalot – Brazil
D Double E – Come Like (Prod. DJ GMAN)
Sirpixalot – Southside Freeze
J-Wing & INCStar – OCD (Prod. Sirpixalot)
Mad Vybez – Di Euro
Chronik – Blackout (Prod. Crayzee Bandit)
Sirpixalot – 15th October Dub
Big H – Alarm
Frett – Runnin’
JME – Straight Vocal (Prod. DJ Mondie)
Crazy Titch – Straight Vocal (Prod. DJ Mondie)
Sirpixalot – Fist Of The North Star
Sirpixalot – Police Brutality
Trends – Mirrors
Mad Vybez – Bebop and Rocksteady
Sirpixalot – Raiden Riddim
Sirpixalot – Submarine


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