What is the next project from Clipson? an EP? singles ? video?
I have my follow up mixtape ‘Mind Of A GrimeStar 2’ dropping before xmas with an exclusive video ft Wariko to accompany it. After having to make so many amendments to it I can finally say its finished and well worth the wait!
How do you feel about the rise of Freestlyes and free downloads in the scene?, do you feel it de values the genre?
I think freestyles and free downloads are great ways for an artist to create a quick buzz and keep their fans updated with fresh material, on the flip side if we consider the amount of time, effort and money some artist have to fork out their own pocket then its very much undervalued if its going out for free. If people know less about you than the promotion is needed more so than an established artist who has already built up a foundation of music that fans will buy into and support.
How Do you feel about the rise of this so called future grime music?
It’s always positive to see Grime music excel and change over time. I’ve only heard 1 track so far that is being called future grime music and tbh I didn’t take to it all because I felt the actual elements of what I know Grime to be was missing on the production side of things, however I appreciate that new artists are trying new things all the time whether it works or not.
Is YouTube a good or a bad thing for the scene?
YouTube is a great outlet for the scene no doubt, back in 2004 we had to submit videos to channel u or mtv base if you had the link. with YouTube anyone regardless of their budget or reputation can submit their material to the world but generally youtube is a quantity over quality outlet as its so easy to upload material and in some cases can saturate the scene.
Do you enjoy doing radio sets? or do you feel radio has had its day?
For me the grime scene was based around radio sets initially and was 1 of the only ways to get heard so people appreciated it a lot more. now with all these media outlets and the internet I think radio has lost its bulk audience. i love radio sets as its practice hours for me and great to vibe with other mc’s in a competitive or calm fashion.
Who inspired you to make music? and who excites you musically now?
I’m musically inspired by so many musicians ranging from the likes of Bob Marley to Biggie n Tupac and all the other usual suspects but my two eldest brothers were both dj’s when I was very young so I became accustomed to hearing Garage, Jungle and house music which lead me into writing for grime music
Is grime your main focus or is it music in general?
Grime was the 1st type of music I put thoughts into process with, almost 10yrs of making and being a part of the grime scene and that will always be something close to my heart musically. As an artist you grow and expand your creativity levels, this is something I’ve always done i regularly write and record non-grime music but for the most time choose to put out my grime music as that’s where my core support is from.
Has you style changed over the years? do you feel the rise of social media influences your fashion choices? 
My style has changed naturally just growing up I think, I try to carry my own style so social media influences don’t really dictate anything for me in that respect.
Does social media help or hinder your creativity? your career? do you miss the anonymity of the old days 
I think if you focus to much energy towards social media aspects of things then it can definitely sidetrack you and also draw you out into situations that can be good or bad for your career. I miss the days the where hard work, hunger and good music got you the attention rather than what nonsense you’ve tweeted someone or the amount of followers and YouTube views you have.



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