Hi, so I’m here to talk about your new single ‘Shutdown’, which is a collaboration with Suspicious Stench?


So can you tell me abit about how the collaboration came about?

They hollared at my manager, sent the beat over. I think my manger is cool with them differently they passed it on to me I liked it. It was a weird beat because it doesn’t really fit any genre that is around right now meaning grime/ dubstep you know the ones I work with, so it was a weird beat I liked it it took a while for me to find the strategy of the song to me to approach it with. Once I’d done that I sent across to them they really liked it and then months later the process of music [you know how its goes] we are here today with the video about to launch and the single is about to come out.

Ok so your premiering the video on sbtv , when was it filmed ?

It was shot a bout a month ago.

Are you allowed to tell me anything about it?

It was a weird one, its weird its not just performance based there is a weird underlining script running through it with the video. I really think people are gonna be confused about it, but its just gonna have loads of talking points. Like ‘what the hell is this is?’ is better than just seeing an average video.

Yeah definitely, Videos that give you something to talk about are always fresh.

I’m really happy with that its a different look its a dark tune but not necessarily a dark video is all i wanna say.

Ok, so have you worked with ‘Suspicious Stench’ before?

No, I’ve never worked with them before. Stenchman and suspect make ‘Supicious Stench’ .

Where are they based? 

I cant remember you know, somewhere like Kent.

Oh so they are UK based then?

Yeah, yeah but out of London.

So is this direction a new direction? This more Dubstep themed, darker sound?

You see you just said three different directions there [laughs] so straight away.

Well your not ‘Roll Deep’ Flowdan anymore are you ? Or are you ?

Yeah I am, its just that Roll Deep Flowdan, the Flowdan I am when I’m by myself isn’t necessarily the one I am in the group because ~I just have a different role in the group. So its just that when your working in a team you get roles and you stick to your position. It’s just about when I’m working by myself I do all of those roles by myself so you see more diversity and more Flowdan based product rather than someone that is part of a team.

OK, well maybe what I meant to say was do you prefer the more Dub sound now to the grime?

No, I don’t prefer the dub sound I prefer whatever I can work with. There is Grime beats that I think are rubbish! also there is Dubstep beats that are rubbish. I just like beats that are compatible with my creativity, my sound.

Has the time come that you now prefer festival PA’s to compared to places like Eskimo Dance? Because you do seem to be doing alot of festivals!!

Well there isn’t alot of Eskimo Dances!!

There has been a few recently you’ve been at most of  them!

I’ve been at all of them! apart from the one they’re holding at the beach. No I don’t have a preference of the type of show i do i have a preference of the type of people i perfom too! I like to perform to people that are they for the music, that are there for the sound, them people are easy to please. People  are there because  they’ve heard its the place to be that weekend.

You want a reaction don’t you as an artist, I understand that especially a good one!

Yeah, yeah I want people that are in to it  and that gives me incentive to wanna do what I know I can  do, opposed to people that are just having a drink and talking and your there jumping up and down performing in the background.

Your part of the Outlook line up I’ve noticed anymore festivals lined up abroad that your part of this summer?

Yeah, I just don’t know their names, its all work there just a list of bookings to me.

Do you have any idea what countries your going to?

No, because I don’t look til a few days before when I get a phonecall or check my calendar, so no I couldn’t tell you anything more. [keep tabs on Flowdan here]

So you’ve got a busy season ahead of you?

It’s not even that I tour all year, like I leave the country a couple times a month so I don’t look forward to anything in particular.

Going back to ‘Shutdown’ is a digital, vinyl, hard copy release?

Its digital on itunes, juno, beatport etc, I know because I spoke to my manager this morning and they confirmed that.

Have you got anything else lined up that you want to talk about? Is there an album coming because I see you working hard and putting out all this work??

No, there is not an album coming, I’ll be honest because I think that irrelevant til I’ve got THAT SINGLE to give people that incentive and drive to pick up a batch of tracks. I know people trust Flowdan and I’m an established name but at this time I wanna work on the right music and when the time is right things will happen.

Buy it here 

Written and directed by aroma productions aromauk@live.co.UK

Filmed and edited by rooted films @rootedfilms





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