1.How did you get started with your djing?


Basically when I was like 14 I decided that I wanted to learn how to Dj and I told one of my uncles who was going to throw away his decks to give it to me. It was just a basic setup nothing special like cdj’s. And I started teaching myself how to DJ. I had no clue about counting bars I just dropped the tunes in at random points. Then one day I did a music production course, which taught me about count bars, and I put two and two together. Then I had a Dj friend who taught me a few things and gave me a nice collection of grime. I burned them on to cd and started learning from there.

2. How did you become a Dejavu DJ?


I have always listened to Deja and I’ve been there a couple times and met D Power Diesle. When I came out as a Dj, we spoke and he gave me a show.

3. Where would be your dream venue to play?


My dream venue to play at would be at a festival, like Glastonbury, wireless, outlook etc.

4. What clothes do you prefer to wear when you play out?


When I start doing bookings, I think what I wear on that day would be based on how I am feeling. I could wear heels or trainers it all depends on my mood.

5. If you had 3 vinyls you could save in a fire what would they be?


I don’t have any vinyl’s, but if I could save anything musically in a fire, it would be my hard drive, where all my old grime tunes are saved on, cds, my decks, serato and laptop. I would probably die in a fire trying to save all that.

6. Do you prefer Radio sets or Live sets?


This is a tricky question. I only play on radio at the moment. But just from seeing what other dj’s do, I would say both. Because seeing the crowd reaction when you play certain tunes must be a great feeling and radio sets are good because you can play what you want and educate the listeners as well as entertain.
7. Vinyls or VIP dubs on CDs ?


Definitely VIP dubs on cds because that’s what I play on.

8. What’s the biggest difference between radio and live sets?


s For me, it’s crowd reaction.

9. Do you produce ??


I’m still in the learning stages.


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