Artist Interview: DJ Big Mikee

1. How did you get started with your djing? I used to go to my mates house DJ Roots with my younger brother @povertyp and play on his decks while my brother was MCing. I didnt know what I was doing but it was just fun, a year later I purchased my own set of belt drive decks and mixer for £150 and just started using them at home I had help from (DJ Jaspino Don) on how to mix and 3 months later I went on to Silk City as a guest on Jaspinos DnB show from there I stayed on that show and got a UK garage show of my own after that I started to get bookings and then finally took it to work teaching dj all around the country in the daytime, radio and bookings evening and weekends and I’ve just carried on djing up until now, that was back in 1996.

2. Does working on sets, hosting things like Who’s Da Boss make you nervous?

Nah not now, but when I first started to do it I was nervous with a little adrenaline rush, when I do something new or if I’m out my comfort zone then yeah nerves can creep in but I’ve been out of my comfort zone alot so I know how to keep nerves under raps. Its more adrenaline now than nerves, that same sort of feeling you get before playing a football match.

3. Where would be your dream venue to play?

Glastonbury would be my dream venue, I’ve been there lots of times as a raver and the atmosphere is amazing so to able to play there would be a dream.

4. What clothes do you prefer to wear when you play out?

I prefer to wear clothes made by other artists in the scene, this helps promote the music and also the artists i.e. stayfresh hat, mr splash t shirt, etc with a mix of sportswear, I wear alot of Nike and Adidas tracksuits and trainers its what I feel comfortable in, you wont see me in jeans to often, although I do sometimes wear them.

5. If you had 3 vinyls you could save in a fire what would they be?

Even thinking about my tunes burning in a fire is enough to give me a creepy feeling, If I had to save 3 vinyls
1 would be a DnB track called Messiah by Conflict that tune will live forever in the dnb scene,
2 would be Preditahs Circles EP (big up Logan Sama for that vinyl) that EP is a grime game changer, Preditah threw a spanner in the works of grime when that came out that EP will be played in clubs in 10 years time and still do damage.
3 My last one would be the Creepy Crawler EP by Terror Danjah, that vinyl has broken down dances and sets for years differently, the one with the grey label and even though we may be able to buy them digitally, you just cant beat vinyl I really wish vinyl would come back and be more popular than the mp3 controllers.

6. Do you prefer Radio sets or Live sets?

I love radio, cause you can play however you feel at the time but nothing beats live sets in front of a crowd, to feel the energy from a crowd is a big buzz and knowing that people came to see you is also a buzz.

7. Vinyls or VIP dubs on CDs?

If your asking me to choose between vinyl or dubplates on cd it has to be dubplates on cd all day personlised tunes is what I grew up on my uncle used to own a ragga sound called Now Generation back in the day and all they used to play was dubplates. I listened to soundclashes Tony Matterhorn, Mighty Crown, Black Cat, Love Injection, David Rodigon all play dubplates up to this day. For me I’m just following my roots and what I grew up on, by getting grime tunes personalised plus dubplates can play for years.

8. What’s the biggest difference between the midlands scene and London scene ?

I think the sound is different, obviously the accents of the artists and the music is different even though its still grime same like up up north aswell its all grime but just a different sound.

9. Do you produce ??

Yeah i knock up tunes when I can but i havn’t put enough hours into producing to even call myself a producer. I’ve been spending time making more tunes since I got a mac, about 5 months ago and my friend Darx who lives 5 minutes away, we are always making tracks now I’ve just finished a track for Skinzzmas EP called Swampish there’s 2 tracks from me a grime/dubstep one and a drum and bass one thats coming out on Monster Dubs in a few weeks and the F’a valentine EP I did a track for that too thats available now. There are a few tracks I’ve done available on my soundcloud/djbigmikee.

10. Are you playing any festivals ??
Not yet this year I missed the last Nas festival where Dark Elements was booked because of Who’s The Boss clashed on the same day and I couldnt reschedule.

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