Probably the biggest female producer in grime, Flava D is gearing up to release her latest project ‘Strawberry EP’ at the end of the month, October 29th, on Pitch Controllers Records. Part of A List and Eskibeat, the 140bpm queen has already worked with top names in the scene, including WileyFrisco (BBK), Maxsta, MIKMerky Ace (Family Tree) and Dimples (GFam), and recently featured on Woofer Music producer Faze Miyake‘s ‘Versus EP’.
In a predominantly male-dominated world, Flava D has carved her own lane in grime with her trademark sound, gaining recognition from MCs, fellow producers and publications at the same time, and she’s ready to drop another bomb upon us. Featuring the instrumental of Merky Ace‘s haunted track ‘Everytime’, the female producer delivers nothing but dark and gritty (yet melodic) beats for her latest release.
‘Strawberry’ EP is out on October 29th via all major digital stores.
Official Tracklisting:
1. All From Scratch
2. Lighter
3. Sickman
4. Merky
5. Swarve
Listen here for your self what the first lady is capable of   the first lady is capable of:he first lady is capable of :





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