GPTV Rising star D Flowz

19 yr old Nottingham MC d flowz is from St Anns. He has been recording since he was 10 with cRS mainly under the direction of Trev and Nick Stez

D Flowz has been spitting grime from the start even though he was unaware of what the genre was called, encouraged by a youth worker to attend sessions at a local recording studio.

D Flowz was influenced by his parents musical tastes inc reggae n bashment, through school friends he was introduced to East London artists such as Kano Dizee and Wiley. Freestyling with friends at school helped him gain his confidence and realise that he had potential talent as a MC and steadily turning them into them into bars constantly writing them down in lyric books

Like most teenagers he didn’t really take his music seriously til he was about 16, where he found himself more drawn to the writing and lyrical side of his work.

After doing his gcse’s including gaining an A* in performing arts D Flowz  joined several colleges whilst trying to manage his music, he decided to leave and concentrate on his music.

Around this time D Flowz and local MC s JayEye, Sharkz, RikRik and JP formed musical collective known as NSB. NSB were well known for their cyphers and freestyle videos. During the summer of 2011 DFlowz decided to branch out and focus on his solo career whilst still working together with NSB on various projects

DFlowz debut performance was performing at the tender age of 14 in a small pub, his first big perfomance was alongside Scorzayze in Manchester on the ‘Ballin on a budget’ tour. His last two performances inc Nottinghams carnival main stage and at The Jam café open mic sessions. DFlowz has also ben involved in Jack n Reload 2, one of the most viewed sets on Youtube from the East midlands

Dflowz has been involved in projects with artists such as 2 Tone, Sky an Australian artist and the 2 mics and a mixer sets

D Flowz debut mixtape was started in 2010 he was inspired whilst on holiday by a Ryan Leslie track the mixtape is all original work and uses the vocal talets of Sara Louise, Marita, Nick Stez and features 2Tone, Jah Digga, Sharkz, reggae legend Daddy Freddie and with tracks produced by the likes of Riddla, Kidda Beats, Lee Ramsey, Nick Stez and Ar Mullah. The mixtape is 14 tracks long there are already two videos for Goddammit and Try Again.

The mixtape is released August 25th for free download on BandCamp Gett Nottz, SoundCloud and hard copies are also available.

Next in the pipe line is a tour for the mixtape including Cambridge, London Bristol and as far a field as Germany , a collaboration mixtape with Riddla which will be around 12 tracks in Dec, The 1 Take mixtape will drop in the spring.


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