Logan Sama Launches Generation Next 2

Are you a young MC under the age of 18 ?? if so Logan is looking for you. Three months after the first mixtape was dropped he has launched the second series, all young MC’s are welcome to submit NEW material.

Follow Logans instructions to get involved.

1. Record a FRESH track.. Your tune can not already be out for sale, uploaded on YouTube or Soundcloud or available on a mixtape/promo. BRAND NEW BARS PLEASE!

2. Save your track as a high quality audio file (preferably WAV) and upload it using Sendspace/Yousendit

3. Using a camera/phone/webcam take a clear picture of some form of photo ID. Passport/Provisional license is preferable. Birth Certificate or College ID is ok. If we find out you aren’t under 18 then you will not only get disqualified… you will be made an example of! You MUST be born after September 1st 1994.

4. Copy your download link from step 2 and put it in an email along with the picture of your ID and email it in to: GENERATIONNEXT@LoganSama.com

5. WAIT and see if you make the cut! You may only submit THREE tracks. So don’t send your whole catalogue! THREE tracks!

The top 15 tracks submitted will get onto the GENERATION NEXT 2 Mixtape!


We will put all 15 tracks up for a public vote and the TOP 5 rated MCs will be invited down to record an After Hours together plus a Versus Session video for the KeepinItGrimy YouTube channel!



Some material taken from http://keepinitgrimy.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/generation-next-2-calling-all-under-18.html


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