The England Riots: One Year On

This video has interviews with some local MC’s and teenagers  as well as young people from the London area, bearing in mind there was hardly any rioting in Nottingham I find it strange they interviewed people from Nottingham, the opinions of people actively affected by the riots in places like Hackney, Brixton, Croyden,Lewisham would have been more valid. I understand youth employment and voluntary sector cuts have happened all over the country, in Nottingham we are very lucky we have a rich youth service.

The subject of Youth unemployment, Youth services and Policing is always going to contentious. Lets hope we learn from the riots of last summer and not look to demonise our youth but bsupport and guide them to better lives.

The information below is the official write up of the video.

A year on from the England riots, youth policy investigated what life was like for children and young people in England and what – if any – impact the riots have had on policy makers and policy making.

We visited young people and youth projects and met with the Riot Panel and Lambeth Council. Lives, and policies, are little different now than last year.

The debate on causes and effect was needed, but must end here; the time of navel-gazing at society is over. Will change be delivered before England burns again?



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